One Word Story; With May Everly

One Word/Sentence Story Collab #original

*two rewrites, many hours, and some misunderstandings*

*and lots of tears*

*and lots of witty comments*

*plus cheating*

*because we’re rebels*

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It’s Been A While; Award Time

I’m back! Yes, I know I said I would try to post every other day… My excuse is that we’ve had some projects in school and I just haven’t had any time to post, IM SORRY. Since I couldn’t keep that promise, I’ll try to start posting once a week. Maybe. Or this might just be yet another lie.


While I was away, I was nominated for two awards, and now here we are. So, I guess we should just get right into the first award:

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A Compilation of My Fandoms; or Better Know As ‘I’m Sorry’

Before this post actually starts, I just want to thank May (Forever and Everly) for helping me out on my blog adventures, including giving me the idea for this post.

Okay, now that that’s out of the way, welcome back! Since I’m actual trash, I thought the best way for you to get to know me would be by telling you all about my journey to trashdom. The most important part of the journey is, of course, my fandoms. So, before I regret even thinking of making this post, let’s begin with: Continue reading A Compilation of My Fandoms; or Better Know As ‘I’m Sorry’

First Post; Welcome!

Welcome to my blog!

Some of my friends have recently started blogs, so being the unoriginal person that I am, I’ve decided to give it a try! To be honest, I have no idea what I’m actually going to do on here, but I’m probably going to *attempt* to start writing again. If not, I also have a bunch of fandoms I can talk about, so that’s also a thing.

I’ll try my best, and I hope you at least have fun reading my posts (even if they’re not very interesting)!